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About Us

Caldeirão da Cati opened its doors in April 2004 and although a small store, it has one of the best collections of Portuguese ceramics today.
In Ribeira do Porto, right next to the Luiz I Bridge, you can find Molelos black pottery, Barcelos red clay, Coimbra faience, clay with stone incrustations of Nisa, Alcobaça faience and Ceramics of São Pedro do Corval in Alentejo. You can also get acquainted with the traditional Barcelos Rooster and its legendary tale, the Azores certified embroideries, not to mention the traditional porcelain doll, the little shawls and the acclaimed Portuguese filigrees.

Featured Products

These are some of the most emblematic pieces of Portuguese Craftwork, but we have more! If you want to purchase any of our pieces fill out the contact form or send us an email at caldeiraodacati@hotmail.com
We also make unique pieces! Describe what you would like to have and we'll tell you if it is possible to achieve.

Caldeirão da Cati

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