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Azores Embroidery

Etiqueta de Qualidade dos Bordados dos Açores

There are many types of Portuguese embroideries but Caldeirão da Cati decided to bet on the Azores's embroidery made on the Island of São Miguel in Azores.
These embroidery pieces are 100% pure linen each piece has a number and an authorization according to Ordinance nº 6/2013 of January 25th. Only this seal guarantees its origin and its certified quality.

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These are some of the most emblematic pieces of Portuguese Craftwork, but we have more! If you want to purchase any of our pieces fill out the contact form or send us an email at caldeiraodacati@hotmail.com
We also make unique pieces! Describe what you would like to have and we'll tell you if it is possible to achieve.

Caldeirão da Cati

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