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This store takes the security of personally identifiable information very seriously. We use reasonable efforts to secure our website against unauthorized access. Please remember that the security measures taken are not foolproof; no website can guarantee that personally identifiable information will be protected in all situations. Therefore, this store can only state that it will make a reasonable effort to protect from unauthorized access the information that you provide.

We will not share any personal information that we have collected from you.

After placing your order through our contact form you will be contacted by caldeiraodacati@hotmail.com to let you know the final amount of the order, thus adding shipping charges. It will also be provided in the email the IBAN so you can make the payment. Once payment is received your order will be processed.

We do our best to ensure your items arrive intact at their destination. Articles are placed inside paper boxes with Styrofoam with bubble wrap and newspaper pages. All packages have insurence.

The package insurance will only be valid if it is proven that there were problems during the shipping process. The insurance doesn’t cover broken pieces after the delivery. The complaint needs to be made in 24 hours after the delivery in the nearest post station. After that you need to advise us (caldeiraodacati@hotmail.com) about the complaint in 48 hours. We will refund you or replace your broken item, only if it is proven that there were problems during the shipping process.

We will provide you your package code . You insert the code in the official post website form

Costumer assume that all information (address; e-mail; telephone) is correct and complete.
We do not garantee delivery time.

Empresa Aderente- Resolução de Conflitos de Consumo

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